"As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information."

Benjamin Disraeli

It's not what you know.

It's what you can prove.

The Process of Investigation

In a court of law, it's not what you know, it's what you can prove. Proof comes in the form of FACTS and EVIDENCE.  When making decisions that will affect your future, your business or your family, you are going to want the most accurate, current and relevant information. Fact Quest can help you get the EVIDENCE, the FACTS and the PROOF.

FACT QUEST provides objective and verifiable information as PROOF. To ensure that the information we provide is objective and verifiable, we employ a standard process of investigation in each and every case, each and every time. 


Our process starts with Identifying the goals of the investigation. Every investigation must have a meaningful purpose and be executed ethically and lawfully in order to be successful. We work closely with our clients to identify the goals by learning as much as possible about the situation, those involved, history, expectations and desired outcomes. Learning as much as possible at the outset allows us to conduct a comprehensive, cost effective investigation.  

The Fact Quest Advantage

In an industry that has historically been dominated by male investigators, Fact Quest has a unique advantage of being owned and operated by a female. We also have an extensive network of female investigators that we work with throughout California and the U.S.


Female investigators have a number of advantages over our male counterparts. For example:

  • Female investigators have a more keen intuition and are often be more aware of the feelings and emotions of those around them.

  • Females can operate under the radar and are less likely to arouse suspicion. Most people wouldn't expect a woman to be video taping them using a hidden camera in their purse or to show up at their door to serve them with a subpoena.

  • Many people tend to be more comfortable opening up to a female investigator. Male investigators can be intimidating.

Who We Are

Fact Quest provides professional investigation services with expertise in criminal defense and civil litigation investigations, public records research and retrieval and AOE/COE and Subrogation investigations. We are also available for service of process throughout the bay area.


Our clients are individuals, attorneys, small businesses and  other private investigators. We serve the San Francisco Bay Area and have a broad network of investigators throughout California and across the United States.

Fact Quest is licensed by the CA Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS), CA PI License # 26762 and is a member of the California Association of Licensed Investigators. Click to learn more about Fact Quest.


California Association of Licensed Investigators

Member since 2010

Newly Licensed & Experienced Investigator Training & Education Committee Chair  2017 - Present


Social Media Committee Chair  2017 - 2019

Newly Licensed Investigator Training and Education Committee  2011 - 2016

East Bay District Secretary/Treasurer  2014 - 2015

Member since 2018

AWI-CH 2019


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