"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."
Aldous Huxley 
  • Locate, interview and evaluate credibility

  • Research background of victims, percipient witnesses 

  • Locate and interview case specific experts

  • Canvas crime, arrest scene for additional witnesses

  • Take written or recorded statements

  • Prepare and serve subpoenas  

  • Act as liaison between attorney and family members

  • Research public records including civil filings, criminal index, real property, fictitious business names, corporate filings 

  • Obtain medical, employment, school, probation, military, prison records pursuant to subpoena, court order or signed release 

  • Review and organize discovery & other documents

  • Research case specific topics

  • Photograph, diagram & evaluate crime scene

  • Review evidence with experts

  • Collect evidence

  • Transport evidence to court

  • Witness to physical line-up

  • Review/photograph physical evidence 

trial preparation
  • Develop case chronology or timeline

  • Review previous testimony for impeachment

  • Assist with case management

  • Prepare reports and exhibits

  • Assist with opening/closing presentations

  • Prepare witnesses for trial

  • Prepare personal testimony

You may be doing your client a disservice by not retaining the services of a licensed investigator. While it may be more cost effective to utilize in-house capacity, we strongly advise against cutting corners when it comes to gathering information and case intelligence.


Work with Fact Quest and we'll provide our expertise to assist you in both criminal and civil matters including service of process and court records research. Call us to learn more about our areas of expertise.  510-545-3228